TriDerma Baby Stubborn Diaper Rash Healing Cream, 4 Ounces


TriDerma MD Severe Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream contains more healing power and is less sticky than most traditional diaper rash creams. Proven botanicals help provide healing for most hard-to-heal rashes. It soothes tender skin and begins the healing process while protectants help prevent recurrence. This premium, multi-purpose healing cream works on contact with highly concentrated levels of organic ingredients. It provides soothing relief for irritated skin and helps heal even the most stubborn diaper rash caused by changes in diet, medication or prolonged wetness. When used daily, it helps prevent diaper rash from occurring. TriDerma MD Severe Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream contains exclusive AP4 Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe that provides botanical healing properties. Plus, it has three times more skin protectants for superior healing and non-greasy wetness protection, unlike traditional diaper rash creams that use white, sticky zinc oxide as a barrier.

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