ReliOn Skin Cleanser Sterile Alcohol Swabs, 200 count


If you are looking for a quick, reliable skin cleaning method, look no further than the ReliOn Skin Cleanser Sterile Alcohol Swabs. The pack contains 200 swabs saturated with 70-percent isopropyl alcohol. They are individually wrapped to maintain moisture and ensure hospital-quality hygiene. These skin cleanser pads are also two-ply, making them more absorbent and durable than thinner alternatives. You can use them to prepare the skin prior to an injection, or to prevent bacterial skin infections from minor cuts or scrapes. These convenient swabs are part of a full range of diabetes management tools offered by ReliOn, which manufactures complementary products including blood glucose monitoring systems, test strips, insulin, syringes, and more. Add ReliOn Skin Cleanser Sterile Alcohol Swabs Twin Pack to your stock of health and first aid supplies to ensure you have a reliable, convenient skin cleaning solution on hand when you need it most.

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