Pink Stork Heartburn: Lemon Mint Prenatal Heartburn Relief Tea, USDA Organic


When Mama’s healthy, Mama’s happy and so is everyone else. Healthy Mama’s mission is to provide products and information specially designed for pregnant and nursing mamas that both you and your doctor can trust. Rachel Katz-Galatt, mother of two, created the Healthy Mama brand from her real life experience of being confused when searching for relief from one of her pregnancy-related laments (and she had many). She knew there had to be a better way and is personally committed to providing the highest-quality products to help you feel healthy and happy during pregnancy and nursing. Do you have a five alarm fire raging in your chest? Okay, there’s nothing cutsie about digestive distress. Healthy Mama Tame the Flame! Mint Flavored Heartburn Relief contains the OB-GYN recommended ingredient to extinguish heartburn and indigestion. The lightly minted chewable tablets taste good and are calcium rich and dye free.


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