Chicco® NaturalFit® 2-Pack Wide Neck Medium Flow Straight Silicone Nipples


The Chicco NaturalFit® 3 Month Straight Nipple has a breast-like shape and feel for a perfect latch. The nipple bio-mimics the breast in form, feel and function, for a natural transition from mom to bottle. Function: A medium flow rate along with dual anti-colic valves, which allow the air inside the bottle to escape out the sides of the nipple, help prevent air ingestion so that baby swallows only the good stuff. Feeding your baby should be a time of bonding and relaxation for both you and your child, that’s why Chicco designed the NaturalFit® Nipples, to make bottle feeding as simple, relaxing and natural as breastfeeding. With an easy transition between breast and bottle, feeding time is always that special moment it was meant to be.

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