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Surely, you all are wondering and asking yourselves questions, What is The Shopville? Where is The Shopville? When did The Shopville start? Is it a new store, mall or another online store in Nigeria? Who owns the Shopville? Is the Shopville for real? What does the Shopville sell?

Well, these are all great questions, and we would like to answer every single one of them, and provide feedback to all your comments, as much as it is reasonably possible to. That is why we are here, because you are that important to us.


Infant baby boy on a white backgroundThe Shopville is a one-stop online retailer of everyday essential products for Nigerian mothers and their babies. Shopping at “brick and mortar” stores can be very stressful, especially for pregnant women and mothers of infants and toddlers. Now, you can shop for everything you need for you and your baby, from the comfort of your home, at bargain prices, so you can focus on what is important-your baby!

Even though we are an online retail and service company, we are not like any other online store already in Nigeria. We pride ourselves in providing  one-stop shopping experience for expectant or new mothers and their babies. Our customers can count on our exceptional customer service, loyalty and rewards programs, all coupled with extraordinary top brand products at bargain prices you will not find anywhere else.

Exploring Infant Baby Boy CrawlingNot that other online retailers in Nigeria are not doing a great job. of course they are, and we applaud them for all their efforts. We all will continue to strive to contribute to the growth of e-commerce and the improvement in the lives of Nigerians, by providing easy access to a wide range of essential consumer products.

Please do not hesitate to ask us questions, or post your comments. Take a tour of our website and please stay connected to us, because we are here to stay, and we have many great things in store for you.


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